Innovative technology that optimizes learning for everyone

Personalized individual learning, that scales to as many learners as you have. No two people are the same. You chose the content, our technology transforms it and puts it to work, enabling ongoing, validated, natural learning.

We call it The GPS for learning(TM).


    Automate complex program development processes

    We transform learning content into atomic-state learning modules, and then create a comprehensive micro-skills map. We automatically rank each module by difficulty level, so that each learner can study at their own level.

    Be in the know

    Learnswell has superior technology calculating each person’s mastery, that goes far beyond a person’s journey through a course, or percentage correct on a test. The Learnswell Score is an accurate assessment of mastery, updated on every learning interaction, for both individuals and groups of people. Now you can actually manage learning with accurate tracking every day.