It Starts With People

We deliver learning the way people naturally learn. Accumulating knowledge and know-how each time they experience something new. Iteratively, continuously, and usually in an instant.

Encounter. Experience. Aha!

We make learning an easy and enjoyable part of life by making it easy for people to fit learning into every day. Offering encounters with relevant learning that propels people forward. Because as people improve, their organizations improve.


Everyone deserves their own learning path.



    We continuously assess what users know, add meta cognition and intelligent repetition to be sure they retain, and, as they learn, dynamically create a custom learning journey for each user.

    Actionable Skills Maps:

    Our AI measures 1,000's of microskills for each learning topic and creates a detailed skills map for each user. You can see the skills levels and competencies of your team members and your organization, to inform talent deployment and learning programs.

    Natural Language Program:

    Our AI and natural language processing (NLP) deliver natural learning. That is, learning the way we innately learn, through short encounters that lead to Aha! moments that we remember, build on and enjoy.

    Competency Based:

    People progress as they gain competency. We present the right lessons to get them there, which will be different for each user. Mastery is achieved through individual pathways, enabling people to take the time they require, no more, no less, nor on a preset or branching course.

    No Exams:

    Ongoing assessments intrinsic to each learning activity go unnoticed by the learner, while providing continuous positive feedback to build confidence, report real-time knowledge verification and inform the learning journey.

    Atomic Learning:

    Our system breaks your content into the smallest possible micro units of learning, so people can complete lessons quickly and stay engaged by their steady progress, and you can see their validated skills precisely.